Session Prep Guide

First off, thank you for scheduling with me! I look forward to our session! This guide is here to help give you steps for getting prepared for your photo session. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me!

Wardrobe :

The most commonly asked question before a session is "what should we wear?" which I totally understand because that's the hardest part! The first thing to consider is the location, decide what kind of "vibe" you're going for to base your outfits on. Another good thing to consider is the interiors of your home, after all these photos will be on your walls! When styling your session, you can start with picking one piece of clothing you LOVE and going off of it. If you want to buy all new clothes, do it! If you want to wear clothes you already own, that is just as good! Just make sure to try them on before the day of the session. Don't be scared to send me pictures of your outfit options! I love to be involved

Things to keep in mind :

  • Comfort : you want to be comfy during your session. We'll be moving around during our whole session, you don’t want an outfit that keeps shifting out of place or doesn't move freely. For guys this means that shirts that look good untucked are usually better so you don't have to keep tucking in your shirt.
  • Confidence : make sure you feel GOOD in what you're wearing! If you're feeling insecure in your outfit, chances are that'll be your main focus. We want everyone to feel beautiful!
  • Accessorize : LAYERS! Jewelry, cute hats, scarves, blankets, etc. Anything to add some extra layers to your style.
  • Subtle Patterns : you don't want to both be in patterns as that can be distracting, but some pattern is a great way to add some pop or personality to your session. Thick flannel plaid is always my go to!
  • Textures : things like denim, chunky knit, lace, wool, faux fur. These help add dimension and help make your photos stand out!
  • Color : make sure your color pallet compliments each other. Colors that will stand out the best are muted earthy tones (pastels, mauve, mustard, hunter green, dark reds and oranges, khaki or browns, dark blue)
  • Weather : PLEASE dress for the weather. If there's snow outside, wear a warm sweater or a jacket! We can tell if you're freezing and uncomfortable in the photos, don't make yourself suffer. Same goes for warmer weather, don't overheat yourself.
  • MAKE IT YOUR OWN : this session is about you! The most important thing is that your love shines.

Things to avoid :

  • logos/distracting patterns : shirts with giant logos can distract from your beautiful faces. Just no. And try to avoid any small patterns (think small dots or small stripes) as it can cause your clothes to have a "wavy" or distorted look.
  • bright/bold colors : try to avoid any bright oranges or reds. No neon colors (hot pink, lime, highlighter yellow). Think the muted tones of whatever bright color you're wanting! Example : if you're wanting bright yellow, think mustard yellow instead.
  • Matchy-matchy : matching outfits are super cute but they can also seem very redundant. Boring. Having different colors, textures is super important to create interest and diversity in your images. If you're wanting to be in the same color, try doing different shade of that color!

What to expect :

My main focus is to photograph your life in its' current season.. Think moments and not poses! At your session, I will direct you into "poses" and then we will move around in those. Feel free to move about these poses, movement helps to capture the in-between moments and show your real life connection! We will get beautiful posed photos as well as the in-betweens.

Things to remember :

  • Have fun! It's so important that you enjoy this experience. It will definitely show in your photos if you're just not having it. Time to act like you want to be here because we will all know if you don't!
  • Always touching : don't be afraid of PDA! When I put you into a "pose" you can move around in it. Don't be scared of random smooches or booty grabs. I'm here for it all! This shows connection and love.
  • Don't stress : the most important thing is that you be together and enjoy this moment.

What Next? :

The first question after a session always is "now when do we get our photos back?" The anticipation after a session makes it seem like such a long wait to get your photos back! For my clients who accept the model release, you'll get a sneak peek after just 24 hours! And then your full gallery are delivered between two-four days (depending on the season). Your photos will be delivered to you in an online gallery. You will be able to download two sizes for these photos. One size being a condensed size, best for your phones and social media and the other size being the high resolution photos for printing! The high resolution ones are the ones I suggest saving onto your computer or a thumb drive for long term. If you need help downloading your images, please reach out to me! Don't screenshot them as it lowers the quality of the photos! Your gallery will stay active for 30 days and then it will be archived. And if you need a print release, it is located in the client area of my website!